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Bishop bestows awards on parish volunteers
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Bishop bestows awards on parish volunteers
By Albert de Zutter and Diane
Catholic Editor and Catholic K

Diane Holtz/Key photo
Larry Behr (right), a member of St. Patrick Parish, St. Joseph, receives his lapel pin fro Bishop Boland.
Those chosen by their parishes to be honored for their service often say they didn't do much, Bishop Raymond J. Boland told recipients of the Bishop's Recognition Awards, but Jesus also did many "little things" that nevertheless had deep impact.

The Bishop made the point at Masses honoring parish volunteers on Oct. 12 at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in St. Joseph, and on Oct. 13 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Kansas City. Receiving the awards were 126 persons from 64 participating parishes throughout the Diocese. Each received a pin commemorating their receipt of a Bishop's Recognition Award.

In both celebrations, Bishop Boland listed some of the "little things" that Jesus did: washing the feet of his apostles; holding up the child as an exemplar of the attitude required for the kingdom of heaven; turning water into wine to help out a bride and groom, and, "his delicacy in dealing with the woman who was dragged before him on a charge of adultery - a delicacy we haven't experienced this year."

"What you do may seem insignificant in the whole order of the universe, but it is done in the name of Christ, and we thank you for it," the Bishop said. "Jesus uses all of us, and by doing little things we can sanctify the world."

Bishop Boland said that in their work "to sanctify their parishes" the volunteers were acting for the whole Church community, doing essentially what Christ did in taking on the burden of sin for humanity. He said they have a patron saint in the recently canonized Maximillian Kolbe. As a prisoner in a German concentration camp during World War II, Kolbe, a priest, volunteered to die in place of a young husband and father who had arbitrarily been chosen for execution.

"He volunteered," Bishop Boland said. "He was to personify what Christ did for all of us. He died for the young man as Christ died for all of us."

Referring to the pin given to each award recipient, the Bishop evoked chuckles with his promise that wearing that badge at the pearly gates, "you get immediate admission. And if you have any problems, just tell them I sent you."

He received another appreciative chuckle by "guaranteeing" that recipients could bring their spouses with them.

In St. Joseph, award recipient Imogene Dattilo of Cathedral Parish said she liked the idea of Kolbe being a patron saint of volunteers. She noted that sometimes it takes an extra effort to fulfill volunteer duties, and it would help to pray to a patron saint.

Dattilo, a Cathedral parishioner for 28 years, said visiting the sick and shut-ins, and taking Communion to people in her community has been the most fulfilling of the many volunteer activities she has performed.

"I've always enjoyed doing the ministry of visiting the sick, and ministry of encouragement and compassion - visiting the homebound," she said.

Thomas Fuson of St. Mary Parish in St. Joseph said he was surprised to find that he was to receive the Bishop's Recognition Award.

"It was a great honor," he said. "I don't feel I deserve it. Volunteering is something I feel I should do. It gives you satisfaction that you are helping the parish out."

Fuson was pleased that, at the reception after Mass, Bishop Boland blessed his 2-1/2-year-old triplet grandchildren.

Diane Holtz, Catholic Key St. Joseph correspondent, and Albert de Zutter, Catholic Key editor, contributed to this story.

Following is a listing of 126 persons chosen by 64 participating parishes for the Bishop's Recognition Award honoring outstanding volunteer service. Recipients were honored in ceremonies Oct. 12 in St. Joseph and Oct. 13 in Kansas City.

St. Joseph Ceremony:

Blessed Sacrament, Bethany: Mary E. Easton, Richard L. Easton.

Cathedral, St Joseph: Imogene Dattilo, Madeleine Sanders.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Joseph: Felix Hanway, Helen Hanway, Larry Sample, Jeanne Sample.

St. Columba, Conception Junction: Chris Mattson, Randy Stoll.

St. Francis Xavier, St.Joseph: Virginia Bailey, Frederick Lederer.

St. Gregory Barbarigo, Maryville: Rose Marie Greenfield, Ada Mae Wilmes.

St. James, St. Joseph: Daniel K. Kendzora, Elizabeth Marek.

St. Joseph's, Easton: Bonnie Gregory, Josephine Jackson.

St. Mary, St. Joseph: Thomas Fuson, Betty Hoffman.

St. Patrick, Ford City: Genevieve Dierenfeldt, John Eiberger.

St. Patrick, Forest City: Chester Edwards, Marjorie Plummer.

St. Patrick, St. Joseph: Larry Bahr and Paula Bahr.

St. Peter's, Stanberry: Joan Peterson, Ronald Strueby.

St. Rose of Lima, Savannah: Jerry G. Ingle, Robert G. Nold, Norman R. Nold.

Kansas City Ceremony:

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Kansas City: Stephen Livingston, Gloria Mayer.

Christ the King, Kansas City: Greg Crites, Edna Seibolt.

Church of the Annunciation, Kearney: Mark Kane, Julie Keim.

Church of the Holy Martyrs, Kansas City: Pham Thi Hue, Nguyen Van Toan.

Coronation of Our Lady, Grandview: David Christianson, Roger Rumans.

Guardian Angels, Kansas City: Thomas R. Casey, Jack McBratney.

Holy Cross, Kansas City: Jean Eddings, Estella Salisbury.

Holy Family, Kansas City: J. J. Greenwood, Suzanne Greenwood.

Holy Rosary, Clinton: Lynn Gabbert.

Holy Rosary, Kansas City: Salvatore Raccuglia, Rose Lee Sirna.

Holy Spirit, Lee's Summit: Mary Lou Collette, Clarence Groff.

Holy Trinity, Urich: Louis Baer, Mary Baer.

Holy Trinity, Weston: Marge Johnston.

Immaculate Conception, Lexington: Beulah Cain, Melvin Montgomery.

Nativity of Mary, Independence: Dolores McEnroe, Virginia L. McMenamy.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Harrisonville: Christine Scott.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Raytown: Katherine Burgio, John Cooney.

Our Lady of Peace, Kansas City: Agapito Martinez, Guadalupe Ramirez.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Kansas City: Melba Carter, Mary H. Meyer.

Sacred Heart, Warrensburg: Robert Martinez, William Mudd.

Sacred Heart-Guadalupe, Kansas City: Salvador Guillen, Maria Patino.

St. Aloysius, Kansas City: Qua Tran, Kim Tran.

St. Andrew the Apostle, Gladstone: Robert H. Frank, Gerald A. Townsend.

St. Ann, Independence: James Blau, Karen Blau.

St. Anthony, Kansas City: Jacqueline Filardo, Frances Saluto.

St. Bartholomew, Windsor: Richard Roberts.

St. Bernadette, Kansas City: Dan Cline, Rosemary Levota.

St. Bridget, Pleasant Hill: Louise Radmacher.

St. Catherine, Osceola: Daniel Martinez.

St. Catherine of Siena, Kansas City: Florence Gormly, Jan Mancrief.

St. Charles Borromeo, Kansas City: Fred W. Crouch, Mary Carroll Wertz.

St. Elizabeth, Kansas City: Kathleen Haug, Susan Hill.

St. Francis Xavier, Kansas City: Frank Hogg, Mary Anne Morenegg.

St. Gabriel Archangel, Kansas City: Marilyn Bastob, Vicky Weishar.

St. James, Kansas City: Joseph Heidler, Edna Wethy.

St. James, Liberty: James Pfeifer, Mary Ann Pfeifer.

St. John Francis Regis, Kansas City: Anthony Sellmeyer, Mary Pat Storms.

St. John La Lande, Blue Springs: Kathy Mann, Steve Mann.

St. Joseph the Worker, Independence: Diane Spaur, Joyce Stanley.

St. Louis, Kansas City: Clifford Hill, Gwenden Long.

St. Mark, Independence: Marty Bisacca, Dan Montgomery.

St. Mary, Independence: Mary Carpenter, Genevieve Davis.

St. Monica, Kansas City: Beverly Livingston, Jiffy Alford.

St. Patrick's, Holden: Frances Baldwin, Mary Jane Gudde.

St. Peter, Kansas City: Mary Buren, Michele Chollet.

St. Raphael the Archangel, Kansas City: Katherine Klassen, Todd Carmichael, Margaret Whisnant.

St. Robert Bellarmine, Blue Springs: Cecelia Boehm, Joe Boehm.

St. Therese Little Flower, Kansas City: Walter Hodge, George O'Laughlin.

St. Thomas More, Kansas City: Geraldine Duncan, Richard Duncan.

Visitation, Kansas City: Chuck Schorgl, Nancy Schorgl.

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